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DO NOT take supplements, the food gives you everything you need! Maybe you heard yourself being told that! And it seems logical! If the supplements did not supplement the food, it would be called otherwise. Names imply that they are optional.


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4 mistakes in strength training

Is your weight training program on the right track? Be careful not to make one of these 4 very common mistakes! No matter how much you know about strength and power training, or if you're a beginner, you have a great chance of making at least one of these four mistakes. Avoiding them leads to further progress. Let's see what these mistakes are and how they can be corrected.


Steroid Articles

Of all those who begin an active plan to look better, mainly getting rid of excess fat through diet and exercise, only 20% manage to reach its target. Most often the failure is caused by several things simple!

1 - Stay bad math
It may sound strange, but there are people who grab a diet and end up fatter than before.

How? Especially if you're sedentary, picking up sport should help you lose weight, not to gain weight. The truth is that most grossly overestimate how many calories you burn during training, and thus have an excuse to eat too much.

"I lifted weights for 45 minutes and I did 30 minutes of cardio, so you can eat a BigMac, nor will" feel.

Maybe you burned 400 calories in a Big Mac workouts but has 800. If the boy with pimples on the face of the house to convince you to take Mc fries, you jumped me! Do this often and you get to gain weight while doing sports.

This topic I want to highlight three aspects:

It is true that precede a bad meal with an intense workout will reduce the negative impact. Increase insulin sensitivity training, which will reduce to some extent the amount of nutrients stored as body fat. But not completely reduce the negative effects of such meals.
Mentality that "I have the right to eat what I want because I have trained" is unhealthy. Even if workouts are so intense that can prevent weight gain, adverse health effects still remain. Maybe it does not seem to be healthy as important as being muscular and defined, but eventually catch up with you poor health. And an unhealthy body will have difficulty gaining muscle mass and burn fat.
A meal cheater, cheater and even a day can be beneficial, both physically and mentally. But if Tris planned meals is better to reduce the impact. Eat shit and pastries, candy, cookies and junk food once a week will soften your determination to keep you diet because you will remember that taste good are such products.


2 - The phenomenon of "all or nothing"
Diet works perfectly! Two weeks stick with it and the results are starting to show! But you start craving donuts, cakes and cakes made from donuts! You are doing everything you can to stay in position, but finally give in and eat two chocolate bars at once! You go wrong!

How do you react? Revert weight loss diet as quickly as possible? NOT! Continue to gobble up no resistance at all. After all, if you missed all the diet, the better you've done it all head and resume the next day!

Big mistake!!! If you go to the car and the tires because you pinch them all anyway you up? I hope you're not that kind of person.

Eat shit until you explode for crooked board once the diet is about as smart! There must be proud that you gave a temptation, but neither is the end of the world. A small isolated incident culinary it will not ruin efforts to lose weight. In the worst case it will give back 1-2 days.

But if you turn the incident into a feast of sugar and fat, you will seriously affect the progress. After such indulgence it will take at least two days just reintrii in the optimal fat burning. Not to mention fattening itself. Such a flaw it can give back 1-2 weeks.

Tris unplanned meals are like a feather: do not want to happen but can occur at any time (even those with a will of iron). Limit the damage immediately returning to the weight loss diet.

Let's start by explaining the differences between the three types of deviations from the diet: Tris tables, loading and refueling.

Tris tables require a table or more foods that are not allowed in weight loss diet you follow. Usually rely on fast food or sweets.

A cheater to have meals planned and unplanned. The last category we discussed earlier (eat crap because succumb to temptation); they should be avoided whenever possible.

Meals planned Tris refers to setting a weekly time to eat something you craving. The moment is well established and usually comes after an entire week of workouts and solid diet.

Loading, like Tris tables, means one or more tables of food included in your diet for weight loss. But unlike a cheater table, loading uses clean food, rich in carbohydrates such as yams, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruits with high glycemic index, etc. In the days loading goal is to restore muscle glycogen stores, so in these days you eat between 200 and 600 grams of carbohydrates, depending on how big you are and for what purpose.

All refueling means increasing the amount of food in a given day, but using only foods allowed in your diet for weight loss. Simply eat more of what we eat every day anyway.

Now we know what these three aspects, to explore the logic behind such strategies. Such days have these purposes.

1) Preventing the negative effects of weight-loss diets, mainly by slowing metabolism and yo-yo effect

Carbohydrate and calorie restriction decreasing the secretion of a hormone called leptin. Leptin is very important, it sending messages to the brain that the body is well fed and metabolism must be kept high.

If produced less leptin body will think that not getting enough food and is hungry, and will react by decreasing metabolism and increase hunger. As leptin decreases the risk of rate increases diet.

It has been shown that increasing food intake drastically, even for a short period of time will decrease leptin prevent you keep a restrictive diet. It looks especially helpful in the later stages of the diet. Unless you have a ridiculously high caloric deficit, it is unlikely to decrease leptin so much in the first weeks of the diet. After you have weakened considerably, or follow the diet for weeks already, it becomes necessary to take action to prevent subproducerea leptin.

2) Restoration of glycogen stores

How often have you heard that? Glycogen (stored carbohydrates in the muscles and liver) is the main fuel during strenuous exercise. When you have low levels of glycogen you can not train very intensely. The main purpose of diet you want to lose weight is to preserve (or even increase) muscle. If you can not work out intensely will be hard to keep your muscle mass. Therefore it is wise to periodically give the body an "injection" of carbohydrates to maintain optimal glycogen levels.

The body can produce glucose (and then glycogen) of amino acids through a process called gluconeogenesis. But that can lead to catabolism (muscle breakdown) if you're in a big calorie deficit, so the weekly carbohydrate loading can be a good way to prevent your body to "eat" the muscles to produce glycogen.

3) TAKE A BREAK psychological

The hardest aspect of weight loss diets is not lack of food but that you know you will not be able to meet the desires of weeks. Many give up the diet in the first week because you can not see deprived of what they like to eat so a period of time. For them, a table Tris week in which to eat what they want is the factor that helps to keep the diet long.

But it is a double-edged sword! Even if it helps you mentally unwind during the diet can increase the intensity and frequency of food cravings. If you pass the first week without eating forbidden foods then crave, desire will begin to diminish gradually.

But if you constantly remind you that these foods taste good they destroy your silhouette, you fight constantly lusts!

Yes, Tris tables helps if you can then you diet the week. But if you can not, you will destroy progress.

effective slimming pills

So you need to analyze carefully the benefits of deviations from the diet, and if it helps or worse confuse you. Tris tables, loading and refueling all have a positive impact on leptin. And have good impact on glycogen stores. Generally loads are most useful when you want to restore your glycogen reserves. Tris tables and can have a positive effect on glycogen, but if carbohydrates that eat them at these tables are in the form of glucose-fructose syrup, you'll store less glycogen much cleaner than sources of carbohydrates.

Moreover, high glycemic load meals Tris, compared to the load, can boost calories as fat instead of storing glycogen.

And refueling can work to restore glycogen stores, but how carbohydrate intake will be limited, are not as effective as loads.

Regarding the psychological aspect, things are very dependent on your personality. Some people prefer fast food, sweets and pastries others and others are attracted to foods like pasta, bread and fruit. In an ideal world after food cravings as potatoes, pasta and fruits. Eating such foods when you deviate from the diet is better than eating pizza, McDonald's and donuts. But some people need "miseries" them to continue!

Obviously, no need to Tris meals for a diet to be effective. Charging and refueling enough. The only exception when Tris tables are preferable is when you make stick to the diet for longer! The body has no physiological need to eat fast food and other processed foods. It's just psychological need.

Here are some rules about deviations from the diet

If possible opt for clean foods.
No need to upload or you refuel week. If you do not cut calories drastically, leptin is not a problem in the first weeks of diet and muscle glycogen can remain high and when you follow a restrictive diet. Charging and refueling must be followed when your metabolism begins to slow (morning body temperature starts to drop a few tenths of a degree) or when glycogen stores begin to decline - feel deflated and get hard pumping).
As you lower fat percentage the more you have to refuel more often. As fat levels fall and leptin levels decrease and is more difficult to lose weight. In addition, the more you lower fat levels (and ideally greater muscle) and so can cope better overeating. Because you better insulin sensitivity can store more nutrients than that fat into muscle.
When you finished meal / day TRIS, charging or refueling immediately return the weight loss diet.
Do not exagerate! Use the minimum amount required. You do not need two pizzas, three hamburgers and a box of chocolates.
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4 - You get impaled with hidden calories
Is the Achilles Heel of the dieters slimming disciplined. Even if you will and dedication, when some foods contain more calories than you think you will not progress.

Examples of hidden nutrients are foods labeled "sugar free", even if it's protein bars or drinks.

Statements such as "sugar free" can make you think you are low in carbohydrates and calories; some see them as "free foods" about the impact of diet. But without sugar does not add sugar to the recipe. Can still be high in carbohydrates, and usually are richer in fat to give them taste better.

Often they are based on sugar alcohols such as maltitol, glycerin, mannitol and sorbitol. Even if they got a lesser impact on insulin compared to carbohydrates classics, all have an impact, and many foods "diet" are full of such sugars. Moreover, these sugar alcohols have calories; have three calories per gram - sugar has 4.

Another trap, out I say, are sweet drinks. It is obvious that they have sugar and calories, but many do not realize how much sugar and how many calories, and they think that if they take a few mouths will have no impact on diet. But often those "few holes" are few glasses. So if you want to look better, do not drink anything that contains calories! Drink only water, unsweetened coffee or tea.

Trying too hard to lose weight

5 - You're doing too much, too fast
To turn your body to look better is an emotional issue. Desperately want the body you dream and you want it now! The desire for quick results can lead to bad decisions, such as to do too much at once.

To lose weight does not mean to shoot like crazy few weeks and then "escape" from your normal routine. Those who have the best results are those that are related to weight-loss program as long. Not only have a higher success rate, but are more likely to maintain their body you get.

But an aggressive start can help. You can start with force in the first two weeks, and then slow down the pace. Some diet may push aggressive and brutal workouts to 4 weeks, but already much.

The body is made to survive, not to look like a fitness model. When you starve yourself and your body adapts to physical overburden and effort becomes normal. And then stop progress. When you stop progress must grow stimuli and further reduce calories. The problem is that if you're already stretched to the maximum with physical activity and diet, you have no where to subtract. If you train more you risk overtraining injuries and if you eat less and lose muscle mass and mental torment you!

If you try to progress very large first kill you chances long term. Better adjust diet and exercise to have that little progress weekly. As you progress slowed slightly increase exercise. When they slow down and reduce calories easily. When you see that start to decline and progress, take an effective fat burner.

Once you reach as you want to look simply maintain a diet is somewhat flexible about the food. Maybe you'll gain very little, but will keep 90% of the physical aspect obtained through diet. If you've gone too far with the restrictions it will be harder to keep your physical appearance when you reduce the intensity of exercise and diet.


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