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Elite tips to transform your body

Do not lean your ear to what you hear through the gym or to know how to lose weight and turn your body. Follow these elite tips, scientifically proven, and shape your body the way you want it.


Replace fat with muscles

Eat that for 30 days and replace one pound of fat with a pound of muscle. At least that's what science says. Here's what this is about.


Who gets fatter those who stay awake at night or those who get u

How you sleep affects how you eat. Here's what science says. Nutritionists always have the same debate: weight loss is limited to calories burned for calories burned, or there are other aspects with longer-term effects such as food quality, macronutrient choices, eating behavior, and ultimately the ratio of each muscle mass Fat meal? There have been enough studies on the subject that show that although groups of people have the same caloric intake, those who eat more calories from protein weaken more. Also, those who eat early in the morning tend to be more supple and stay so long. And of course, those who consume certain nutrients before, during and after workouts perform better than others, although they consume the same amount of calories. Obviously it's more than calories burned for calories eaten. New research has analyzed another puzzle piece: Sleep habits.


Steroid Articles

is a beta-2-agonist. Beta2-agonists are used to treat asthma. They dilate the airways that narrow during an asthma attack. Works by copying the effects of natural substances such as adrenaline and noradrenaline, substances produced in the body. These chemicals prepare the body for action, as exercise or when subjected to stress. One of the effects of these substances is to open airways so that more air to reach the lungs. You should not be used when you have serious kidney and liver and should be used with great care when you have problems with your heart and circulation, thyroid, diabetes.

Clenbuterol acts selectively on beta 2 receptors. When acting on them there is an increase in body temperature, increase metabolic rate and decreased appetite. For these reasons Clenbuterol is used by many athletes to lose weight to decrease muscle lighthouse. Thermogenic effect, clenbuterol has anti-catabolic.
Clenbuterol comes in tablets of 20 mcg or 40 mcg of, but is available in the form of syrup pump for inhalation, injection, powder and granules. Doses are very dependent on how well the user responds to the side effects, but are in the area of 40-120 mcg / day. You never have to exceed 200 mcg / day, which is very much anyway. Pay attention, Clenbuterol is measured in micrograms - mcg, not mg - milligrams!

Clenbuterol loses its thermogenic effect after 8 weeks, when the body temperature returns to normal. This is why most athletes who use it, use a thermometer to check the temperature and corpului.Clnebuterol a little larger, and when the temperature returns to normal administration should be interrupted and made a break for the body to adapt and Clenbuterol is no longer effective .

Its properties anabolic / anti-catabolic disappear after about 18 days. Considering the long half life cyclization most effective method would be 2 weeks on, two weeks off for no more than 12 weeks in total. To extend the useful life of up to a maximum of 6 continuous weeks, after the first two weeks we add Ketotifen, by 2 mg per day; care should be taken, adding ketotifen increases the potency of clenbuterol, so it may need to decrease the dose of the latter. Clenbuterol is the half-life of 35 hours.

   An example of the clenbuterol cycle is:

Day 1: 20mcg
Day 2: 40mcg
Day 3: 60mcg
Day 4: 80mcg
Day 5: 80mcg
6-12 days: 100mcg
Day 13: 80 mcg
Day 14: 60 mcg

Another example is 2 days do not give two days, but was demonstart this kind of cycle is not effective. At high doses are taken each 20mcg once, more than this half, until 15 o'clock For example, if you have taken 80 mcg a day, will be divided into 4 doses of 20 mcg each. Take one dose every few hours. But note that it is not advisable to administer clenbuterol after 15 o'clock because it can interfere with sleep.

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