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Lion's mane for better training

Can't focus on workouts? Lion's mane is the supplement you need! Find out the benefits of supplementing with the lion's mane and how it can help you workout!


4 mistakes in strength training

Is your weight training program on the right track? Be careful not to make one of these 4 very common mistakes! No matter how much you know about strength and power training, or if you're a beginner, you have a great chance of making at least one of these four mistakes. Avoiding them leads to further progress. Let's see what these mistakes are and how they can be corrected.


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Made workouts of high intensity interval and HIIT are the most powerful tools we have at hand when you want to lose weight quickly. They are tough but very effective. Here's everything you need to know about HIIT and how to properly implement this technique into your routine.

Imagine the perfect workout. It looks like this:

Burning a lot of calories in a very short time - 30 minutes or less.
Favoring the accumulation of LBM.
To improve your physical condition.
To strengthen your bones and you from fractures and injuries.
To define your muscles.
At the end you feel like an athlete who competed in a championship.
If you could do all that and in the end the body remains in a state that burns calories at a rapid pace, even for two days after the end of training?

Sounds advertisement teleshopping? It is something real as possible! But such training are not a breeze. It's about training high intensity interval and HIIT. They are highly efficient because instead require long periods of time in which to make a constant exercise in a small instensitate (such as jogging or running), using bursts of intense exercise interspersed with periods of rest.

But everything really amazing, there is a trick when it comes to HIIT - these workouts are very challenging. It will be hard! It will be brutal sometimes. Some days will be hard to motivate yourself to finish the workout.

HIIT is one of the few things in life that give you back more than the way you invest. Perhaps if you try a HIIT while you'll love the following reasons:

One can have some short exercises - you can radically change your body and increase your strength and fitness workouts between 7 minutes and within 30 minutes.
Exercise and rest intervals using a combination of exercise and time passes quickly and not get bored, as happens sometimes long cardio sessions.
Improves self-esteem, confidence and physical capabilities increase motivation and determination, allowing you to reach levels of physical performance that are not dreaming.
It's damn effective when you want to lose weight. If you have not tried HIIT never follow such training a while your body will change significantly.
If you're willing to try HIIT, here are five rules or thresholds starting to get the most from their workouts.

1) Use body shaping German training to burn fat

Who is: Anyone who wants to lose weight and have a minimum level of fitness. Good for beginners.

Benefits: Weight Loss, building lean muscle tissue, metabolism improved general fitness, learning proper techniques of execution of exercises with weights.

German training body shaping is a modified form of HIIT which is suitable for beginners who want to lose weight quickly. Improving technique allows some basic exercises and increase levels of muscle strength in order to progress to more advanced training techniques, some of them listed below in the article.

Such training supersets used in combining a muscle group to part with one of the upper inferioarte. It is important that you exercise fairness, very short breaks between exercises and following strict tempo. It refers to the exercise pace, rhythm and climb down the weights. A Tempo 3010 means lower weights in three seconds back, do not break down to pick them up in an instant and you do not break up.

Training works by creating a high metabolic disturbances and accumulation of lactate in the muscles as much. The more muscle lactate accumulates even more acidity grows and releases more growth hormone, a hormone very lipolytic (fat burning).
In training exercises are mainly composed of the base.

Below is an example of such a training for beginners - those who have not yet tried HIIT. There are two repetitive training. For example, on Monday you on day 1, day 2 Wednesday, Friday Day 1 Monday Day 2, etc. Later, after you get experience, you can try German body shaping and training here.


Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1.Leg Lift with Hip Raise 4 8 5010 30sec
A2.Dumbbell fly 4 15 3010 30sec

A3.Lunges with dumbbells

4 12 2010 30sec
A4.Tractions en supination  4 15 3010 30sec
A5.Romanian Deadlift with dumbbells  4 15 3010 30sec
A6.Shoulder/Delts (FRONT) 4 15 2011 30sec


Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1.Squat dumbbell, high heels 4 15 3010 30sec
A2.Seated Cable Rows 4 15 3010 30sec


4 15 2010 30sec
B2.Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4 15 3010 30sec
C1.45 Degree Leg Press  4 20 2010 30sec
C2.Standing Calf Raise Machine 4 12 2011 30sec

2) the weights of the weak HIIT

Who is: Those with experience who want to lose weight quickly.

Benefits: Weight Loss, building muscle tissue, fitness and better insulin sensitivity.

HIIT training with weights leading German body shaping the next level., Burning huge amounts of calories during and after workouts.

Besides this kind of muscle definition to train you grow and strength, which is very important when you want to lose weight, not lose muscle tissue.

A study from 2012 shows the perfect way to use HIIT weights to lose weight. Two training protocols were tested subjects, all young men:

A traditional training sets of weights 4 to 8 exercise to exhaustion intensity (weight) of 75% of the maximum force (force with which one can make a correct repetition).
A high intensity workout 3 sets of each exercise the leg press, chest press machine and the traction helcometru, with 85% of maximum strength, each set went to exhaustion.
Traditional program lasted 62 minutes and had the following results:

S-7835 amounted on average kg per workout.
Increased blood lactate after workouts to 5.1 millimoles per liter.
At 22 hours post-workout metabolism was still increased by 5% (98 calories burned in addition to the basic level) from 1901-1999 calories / day.
High-intensity program lasted 32 minutes and had the following results:

S-3872 amounted on average kg per workout.
After training increased blood lactate was 10.5 millimoles per liter.
At 22 hours post-workout metabolism was still increased by 24% (452 calories is in addition to the basic level, an increase from 1909 to 2362 calories calories / day.
In half the time with half of its volume, has produced a much higher metabolic disturbance. Follow such a workout several times a week for 1-2 months will lead to rapid weight loss through the following mechanisms:

Burn more calories in the 24 hours after completion of training by trying their body to recover from lack of oxygen during exercise. Every time you inhale deeper, burn more calories! During training, intensity and short breaks beyond the body's ability to provide enough oxygen to the muscles which results in increased calorie burning.
The more lactate builds up. As more lactate accumulates the more they release more growth hormone. Not only burn more fat, but this hormone also helps tissue repair after exercise.
Intense workouts grow and use of fatty acids to meet energy needs during exercise. Body's ability to mobilize and burn fat you want to lose weight quickly is very important. Basically body metabolism gets a flexible, able to effectively use all sources of energy. In general, if you are not trained body has to burn stored fat for energy, as taught mostly glucose and glycogen. Inability to effectively burn fat during exercise leads to poor performance, weakening when hampered and cognitive functions slow train harder.

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