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Lion's mane for better training

Can't focus on workouts? Lion's mane is the supplement you need! Find out the benefits of supplementing with the lion's mane and how it can help you workout!


4 mistakes in strength training

Is your weight training program on the right track? Be careful not to make one of these 4 very common mistakes! No matter how much you know about strength and power training, or if you're a beginner, you have a great chance of making at least one of these four mistakes. Avoiding them leads to further progress. Let's see what these mistakes are and how they can be corrected.


When supplements do more harm than good

In the world of sports, supplements can create addiction for some. Keep taking them even if they know they are not effective. So, what can be the negative effects of the abuse of sports supplements?


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Can't focus on workouts? Lion's mane is the supplement you need! Find out the benefits of supplementing with the lion's mane and how it can help you workout!

When you want to change the way you look, the mind is very important! What you think and think has a great impact on the body! Success or failure start from the brain and are amplified by our capacity for concentration and dedication to a certain goal. 

When it comes to body building / sculpting, it all starts with what you can achieve in the gym. Each repetition, set and workout is another step of the journey, but only you are in control if you go in small steps or jump in front. 

Strategies for a better focus on training

You've definitely heard the phrase "mind-muscle connection". But I don't think you understand how important this connection is! Do you know that by exercising, you can make your muscle fibers activate only by thinking about it ? 

The brain is the most powerful computer on earth. The mind is the most powerful drug you have available. If you want to progress as fast as you can and reach your genetic potential then it is mandatory to:

  • You believe in your ability to succeed. 
  • You have full confidence in yourself. 
  • Focus! 
  • Learn to focus intensely! 
  • Don't get distracted because it's not important!
  • Enter the force room ready to give everything! 

Yes, it is easier said than done, especially when you are tired from other activities of the day. That's why supplements have "nourishing" your brain are very important and efficient. 

One such natural compound that has positive effects on the brain is the lion's mane. It is a fungus used in ancient Chinese medicine, being a powerful nootropic, which significantly improves cognitive functions, improves sleep patterns, reduces depression and anxiety and acts as a neuroprotective. 

There are over a dozen studies that show that the mane of the lion creates new neurons, which improves brain health . 

In the gymnasium, on the ground, even in the school benches, the lion's mane can improve memory, while increasing the capacity of concentration and an increased attention to the tasks you perform. 

All of this translates into much more intense workouts - and a greater and more productive connection between mind and muscles. And when the brain reaches its maximum capacity in combination with stronger muscle activation, the results will be at a new level. 

Test the supplement with the mane of the lion and you will feel remarkable differences in the workouts! 

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