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Elite tips to transform your body

Do not lean your ear to what you hear through the gym or to know how to lose weight and turn your body. Follow these elite tips, scientifically proven, and shape your body the way you want it.


Replace fat with muscles

Eat that for 30 days and replace one pound of fat with a pound of muscle. At least that's what science says. Here's what this is about.


Who gets fatter those who stay awake at night or those who get u

How you sleep affects how you eat. Here's what science says. Nutritionists always have the same debate: weight loss is limited to calories burned for calories burned, or there are other aspects with longer-term effects such as food quality, macronutrient choices, eating behavior, and ultimately the ratio of each muscle mass Fat meal? There have been enough studies on the subject that show that although groups of people have the same caloric intake, those who eat more calories from protein weaken more. Also, those who eat early in the morning tend to be more supple and stay so long. And of course, those who consume certain nutrients before, during and after workouts perform better than others, although they consume the same amount of calories. Obviously it's more than calories burned for calories eaten. New research has analyzed another puzzle piece: Sleep habits.


Steroid Articles

Sweets high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Of course, with excellent taste. Bodybuilder's dream! Here you will find the recipe for this dessert.

It's hard to find someone who does not like pizza. And if you find someone who says that, mind! Or, it is very confused about life and has not yet met the right pizza! Pizza and not even necessarily have to be salty! It can be transformed into something sweet. The best part: I can reduce the amount of carbohydrates, protein content and generally raise to become a healthier dessert that you fuel your workouts.

= Cake dessert pizza topping big cheese
The top of this dessert pizza is made from oats and cheese with raspberry topping. Both are full of protein using a protein powders.

If you want lean muscle mass but enjoying what you eat, this recipe is for you.

Ingredients oat crust with vanilla:

4 scoops vanilla protein powder
140 g oat flakes
a whole egg
180 ml unsweetened almond milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
50-100 g Splenda (sucralose) or erythritol (sugar paleo), depending on how sweet you want it
vanilla extract to taste
duopa taste spices: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg


Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
Mix all ingredients.
Prepare a pizza pan and grease it with a little oil from coconut.
Put the entire mixture into the middle of the pan and spread it evenly over the entire surface.
Bake the cake 12 to 15 minutes (time may vary in size Funt pan and your oven).
Let crust cool completely before adding the topping
 weakens with acai

Cheese with raspberry topping ingredients:

4 scoops vanilla protein powder
220 g cream cheese (Philadelphia, for example)
6 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk
2 hands generous raspberry frozen


Combine all ingredients in a bowl except raspberries. When the composition is well mixed and smooth putting raspberries.
Stretch topping evenly over crust oats.
Cut into 8 equal slices and refrigerate to cool and settle.
Cut into 8 equal slices - of about 25 g of protein per slice.


You can add oil, coconut flakes or chips of dark chocolate crust or topping.
You can use any liquid. Unsweetened almond milk decreases the calories and make it more creamy than if you use water. Do not use it because it is nutritious - not much better than water - use it because it does not contain lactose and sugar.
Unless you want another sweet besides containing protein powder add a tablespoon of coconut flour to offset the amount of dry ingredients.
For topping can use low-fat cream cheese.
Topping can be used with any kind of dessert protein.
You can also use fresh fruit, not frozen. You do not even have to mix in cream cheese. Just put them above.

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