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DO NOT take supplements, the food gives you everything you need! Maybe you heard yourself being told that! And it seems logical! If the supplements did not supplement the food, it would be called otherwise. Names imply that they are optional.


Lion's mane for better training

Can't focus on workouts? Lion's mane is the supplement you need! Find out the benefits of supplementing with the lion's mane and how it can help you workout!


4 mistakes in strength training

Is your weight training program on the right track? Be careful not to make one of these 4 very common mistakes! No matter how much you know about strength and power training, or if you're a beginner, you have a great chance of making at least one of these four mistakes. Avoiding them leads to further progress. Let's see what these mistakes are and how they can be corrected.


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Hexagonal Straight Straps are a perfect hybrid exercise, combining the benefits of genuflexions with those of straightails. Use this method that lasts 10 weeks to increase your overall muscle mass.

One of the best exercises for muscle mass and strength is represented by hexagonal bar straps.

It is the perfect hybrid between genuflexions and straights, more kneeling than genuflexions and gentler backs than classic strains. That's why it's perfect for building muscle mass throughout the body.

If you are capped and not growing up, this training metadata may be exactly what you are looking for. It is especially useful for increasing muscle mass in the legs, but it will help you to develop your whole body. Do not imagine it will be easy, not using very heavy weights. On the contrary. It will be a very challenging effort.

The goal of the program is to start easily and within 10 weeks to make 10 sets of 10 reps with a challenging weight. That's why it's called the 100 repetitions training ... you get 100 repetitions for a workout.

100 Repeat Method with Hexagon Bar
Use this method at the first workout of the week. So the first training of the week will be based on the hexagonal bar straps. Start with warming and then make 3-4 sets of leg flexures or floor lifting. After that, he uses the following weekly progression to hexagon struts:

  • Week 1: 6 sets of 8 reps
  • Week 2: 6 sets of 10 reps (same weight as week 1)
  • Week 3: 7 sets of 8 reps (the same weight as week 2)
  • Week 4: 7 sets of 10 reps (same weight as week 3)
  • Week 5: 8 sets of 8 reps (same weight as week 4)
  • Week 6: 8 sets of 10 reps (same weight as week 5)
  • Week 7: 9 sets of 8 reps (same weight as week 6)
  • Week 8: 9 sets of 10 reps (same weight as week 7)
  • Week 9: 10 sets of 8 reps (same weight as week 8)
  • Week 10: 10 sets of 10 reps (the same weight as week 9)
  • Follow the progression above. Do not jump straight to 10 x 10, it will crush you. Progress is very important.
  • Heat packs are not included so you need to grow slightly until you reach the weight.
  • All sets are made with the same weight. So you start lighter than you think you can go. The first sets may seem easy, but they will quickly become heavier. If you start hard, you will not be able to finish.
  • Do the right exercise. Put your hips down and hold your chest as high as possible.
  • Use straps if you need it.
  • Touch the floor at each repetition, but do not hit the earth's weight too much.
  • Take breaks of two minutes between the sets and as you tire it increases the breaks to 3-4 minutes. However, do not let the training stretch too much.
  • Do not do other routines or heavy headaches over the week. To work your thighs on unilateral exercises. For the femoral rat at floor elevations, hyperextension, femoral flexion and basin lifting.
  • If you do not have a hexagon bar, you can not use this method. Do not try to make conventional or sumo genuflexes with this method, you will crush your back.
Even if the training is for the feet, significant increases can also be recorded in the upper part, especially the back, trapezium and forearms. After 10 weeks change the training program of the lower part.

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