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Repeat with 100 hexagon bar

Hexagonal Straight Straps are a perfect hybrid exercise, combining the benefits of genuflexions with those of straightails. Use this method that lasts 10 weeks to increase your overall muscle mass.


Black chocolate can increase physical performance

Black chocolate is already recognized for the benefits it has on the cardiovascular system, and now a new study has shown that black chocolate can also increase sports performance at fitness enthusiasts.


What steroid has the fewest side effects?

Anabolic steroids are trendy. And many wonder if their side effects are so serious, or if there are steroids that have less side effects. Find out the answer here.


Steroid Articles

Testosterone Enanthate is the most known and used testosterone ester. Testosterone Cypionate is the European equivalent of, and is based on a large number of cycles of steroids. There are many voices who argue that you should not miss in any steroid cycle.

Active substance: testosterone enanthate
Names: Androtardyl, Depot testosterone, DELATESTRYL, Cidoteston, Primoteston-depot, Testen-250, Testo-enanthate testosterone is, Testosteronum Prolongatum, Testobolin, Testofort, Testoviron Depot, Testover E

Testosterone enanthate is the steroid testosterone cypionate corresponding European in the US.

It is an anabolic steroid injectable form of oily solution, designed to release testosterone slowly. It has a long duration of action is 2-3 weeks. This is achieved by attaching the molecule of testosterone enanthate ester. After injection, testosterone does not become active until after the acid begins to fall on it; This separation does not happen all at once, but gradually, allowing slowly release the hormone into the bloodstream. After injection will be a spike in testosterone concentrations after 24-48 hours, and hence testosterone is released slowly up will dissipate completely. Medical can be administered every 2-3 weeks, but to get the best effects in the administration of 10 to 10 days.

In medicine is the most prescribed medication based on testosterone. And among bodybuilders and athletes is among the most used anabolic steroids are cheap, easy to find and efficiently.

Like any steroid testosterone (regardless of ester attached) testosterone enanthate has a value of 100 and a value anabolic androgenic hormone testosterone 100. everything is then taken benchmarks when measuring androgenicity tutr anabolism and other anabolic steroids.


Testosterone enanthate Administration
The typical dose for athletes who use is 250 mg - 750 mg per week. Over these doses estrogenic effects will be more pronounced, with earnings necompensand table. Can be added as a steroid cycle Anapolon 50 or Dianabol which will lead to huge gains. For those who want to stay closer to defining Deca-Durabolin is recommended or Equipoise. Most are well tolerated doses of 400-500 mg / week. Weekly dose is divided into two, ie Monday and Thursday! Administer by deep intramuscular injections.

For those who follow a testosterone replacement therapy for medical reasons dose is 100-200 mg every 7-10 days.

Testosterone enanthate is one of the most prevalent testosterone esters, so there should be no problem to be purchased.



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