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Recovery after training is the most important factor in determining your progress. Here's what supplements help you recover more effectively to achieve your goals easily and have less muscle soreness.

After you have finished the last set that you threw or muscles in air of "burned" last sprint on the runway have to think of one thing: recovery.

Many err by not taking into account the importance of recovery after exercise. Or think that recovery means long massages that not allow, ice baths or electrotherapy. In reality, physical recovery is the most effective way and Supplement your nutrition.

Training stimulates muscle mass and metabolism, but also creates an environment catabolic conditions by increasing stress hormone called cortisol. This is useful during exercise stimulates the body adaptations to exercise (greater muscle mass, strength and speed neural adaptations, etc.) but after completing training cortisol remained in circulation starts to degrade muscle mass and promote weight gain. The number one priority must be to reduce cortisol by the best possible recovery.

If you use a few key supplements will accelerate the recovery which will have the following effects:

Protein synthesis and tissue repair (basically, muscle growth).
Replenishing energy.
Reducing muscle soreness (so you can effectively train and the next training).
Reducing inflammation.
Restoring nutrients used by the body to rebuild muscles and tendons.
These five aspects make sure you forward through training, not only bother the gym or on the track, but the results in terms of physical appearance and performance remain unchanged.

Stimulates protein synthesis and tissue repair
As you already know, certain physical actions lead to muscle breakdown, which leads to muscle soreness. Amino acids from protein stimulates protein synthesis and provide the raw material with which the body repair damaged tissues in training, especially in the weights.

Would it like most proteins in the diet come from food quality, seamless (meats, eggs, fish, dairy) but it is advisable to use protein powders during and / or immediately after workouts to speed recovery.

For example, one study found that those taking the protein powder after training their muscles increased by 38% more than those not taking it. And strength has increased by 33% more. On average, it increased muscle mass 0.69 kg of lean muscle tissue and strength of 13.5 kg, compared with the group not used the protein powder. The average amount of protein supplements, beyond what already eating the diet, was 50 grams.

What products to use:

Whey protien is the best source of protein after workouts because they digest quickly and easily absorbed, increasing concentrations of amino acids in the blood. It also has anti-inflammatory effect and increase the levels of glutathione, antioxidant produced by the body (linked to longevity and disease prevention).

Pea protein is a source of quality protein, ideal for physical recovery, indicated vegetarians or those intolerant to whey. Although whey has very small amounts of lactose, still there are people who do not tolerate well, especially if you use a low quality whey protein.

BCAA are Amino Acids with branched chains containing high amounts of leucine, which triggers the synthesis of the primary amino acid protein. BCAA can preserve muscle during intense exercise. Another benefit is that it reduces muscle soreness. For example 100mg / kg body weight of BCAA reduced muscle soreness resulting from 48 hours after the training and allow a better recovery force.

How much to use? 25 g quality protein is optimal dose taken after workouts is a good starting point. Depending on how you feel and progress can increase the dose to 50 grams.

One study found that regardless of how much muscle were subjects, 40 g of whey protein stimulated protein synthesis more than 20 g. Another found that a meal of 70 g of protein from lean beef created a balance of protein Net higher than the same meal 40 g protein lean beef, suggesting that it takes greater amounts of protein than is now believed by most nutritionists. A higher net protein balance is not just to build new muscle tissue as well as the immunological functions better and better energy throughout the day.

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