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Top 5 health supplements

DO NOT take supplements, the food gives you everything you need! Maybe you heard yourself being told that! And it seems logical! If the supplements did not supplement the food, it would be called otherwise. Names imply that they are optional.


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DO NOT take supplements, the food gives you everything you need! Maybe you heard yourself being told that! And it seems logical! If the supplements did not supplement the food, it would be called otherwise. Names imply that they are optional.

Yes, if we ate what we harvested and hunted with our own hands - to eat animal organs and grow our plants in a soil rich in nutrients. Then yes, supplements would be largely useless. 

That would be another important point. Let our life not be full of modern technologies and mutant foods. But this is not the case. To build a healthy and above average body means to do things that the average person does not do . 

You could quit your job and go live in the wild, hunting and gathering. If you still want a less radical approach, use the right supplements to supplement and a diet that may already be "clean." 

Depending on the individual, some supplements become essential, especially if there are chronic deficiencies. 

Supplements also help a lot those who want to change the way they look, to lose weight, to be more agile, to sleep better, to increase their immunity or to have a better quality of life. For all these, here are the top 5 fundamental supplements for optimal health. 

1) Fish oil

If depression is a growing health problem (is), and mental health is closely linked to inflammation in the body (is), doesn't it make sense to reduce inflammation?

This is exactly what fish oil does (or more precisely, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil). The two fighters for inflammation are EPA and DHA, and they abound in fish oil. 

When you say something inflamed, you usually think of the acute one - like when you sprain your ankle and it swells a lot. This type of inflammation is good and helps with healing. What is not good is the type of chronic or excessive inflammation.

Not only the body can become inflamed. And the brain can become inflamed. And when that happens, problems like depression and / or anxiety occur. 

It can all start with a state of agitation and irritability. Taking fish oil regularly will reduce these conditions. 

Why not eat fish oil from food?

Places in the world where you eat a lot of fish have low rates of depression. As I said, high omega-3 intake has a positive impact on the brain. 

But these areas are few. We don't eat so much fish. And there is the problem of fish quality, especially in large species, which are intoxicated with mercury. Quality fish oil supplements have high doses of omega-3 and are purified to remove heavy metals. 

2) Magnesium

If you like to sleep well, go to the toilet regularly and have high testosterone, you don't want to skip magnesium! Magnesium is a mineral and electrolyte with many roles in the human body; produces testosterone, regulates blood sugar, increases the absorption of vitamin D, helps reduce constipation and reduces the risk of bone fractures. In recent years he has received a lot of attention for his role in reducing anxiety.

If until now it was difficult for you to control your diet, it may be because you are tired, not hungry . The tired are constantly looking for foods that give them a momentary boost of energy, which are usually full of calories and sugars. So to control your diet better you need to rest as much as possible at night. Not having magnesium deficiencies is the first step to a restful sleep. 

Why not eat magnesium from food?

Those who do sports need more magnesium than the sedentary population. Technically it is possible to have a sufficiently high intake of magnesium only from the diet. If you eat at every meal or as often as possible pumpkin seeds, spinach, animal organs. From bananas, for example, you should eat 9 a day just to get the minimum recommended dose. 

A more efficient option is to take quality magnesium (chelated) in the evening before mating. A very good option is also the ZMA.

3) Vitamin D3

Enough vitamin D3 will increase testosterone, libido, immunity, muscle tears, increase strength, lift mood, and more. You have many reasons to supplement with D3. 

Vitamin D3 deficiencies lead to low testosterone, poor immunity, weakness, etc. 

Why not eat vitamin D3 from food?

You can! If it's sunny and you don't stay indoors all day, you work outdoors and you don't have a lot of clothes on and you don't use sunscreen. Getting vitamin D from the sun is great if you can. But nowadays you can't really. And vitamin D deficiencies are very high worldwide.

The daily dose of supplements is I ask 1000 IU and 5000 IU take vitamin D after a meal at which you also consumed fats, for the best absorption.

4) Proud

Ladies and gentlemen, iron is more important to you than it is to men, if you have not reached menopause and if you have an active life. Iron deficiencies can cause great fatigue and common things such as walking or climbing stairs, can cause anxiety, mood swings and sleep disturbances.

And many do not find out that they have such deficiencies because they do not do blood tests so often. Test your hemoglobin, this is the one that transports oxygen through the body, so if it decreases you feel lethargic and weak. Too low iron levels upset your dopamine system in your brain, which is the hormone that energizes you and induces a state of happiness. 

Why not eat iron from food?

Many believe that eating more red meat solves the problem. For some it may be true. But in the case of women who have regular menstruation and train intensely, it does not work. If you are a man and eat meat you probably do not need iron supplements. 

You can eat more liver to solve the iron problem, but if you think it tastes repulsive, then take iron supplements. Try to find iron supplements that contain dehydrated heart, liver or blood.

5) Protein powder

Protein deficiencies are not common in modern society, but they are not deficiencies but optimization. It's about creating an environment where having low fat levels is easy. 

Here are some things about protein:

  • A diet richer in protein leads to burning more fat and maintaining muscle mass, compared to a diet low in protein, even if both diets have the same number of calories. 
  • A diet higher in protein leads to less belly fat than a diet lower in protein, even when the number of calories is the same.
  • Protein is the most satiating macronutrient. It's hard to gain weight if you always feel full. 
  • It is very difficult for the body to convert proteins into fats, even in large quantities. If a good part of your diet is made up of protein, you will be able to eat more without gaining weight

Why not eat protein from food?

It is possible to take your necessary protein only from food (around 1.6 - 2 g per kilogram of body weight). But it's not easy especially if you're a busy person. And stuffing yourself with chicken breast is not so pleasant. 

Think beyond protein shakes. Protein powder can be used as an ingredient to cook cakes and all kinds of sweets.

Science has advanced, your body has not

We no longer have to pick berries or split animals to survive. But our body relies on the same nutrients as in the past. It is possible that many modern diseases are based on deficiencies of some basic nutrients. 

The conclusion? The modern world has caused deficiencies, disturbed our hormones, upset our appetite and disturbed our circadian rhythm, but it has also given us solutions such as supplements. 

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