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Top 5 health supplements

DO NOT take supplements, the food gives you everything you need! Maybe you heard yourself being told that! And it seems logical! If the supplements did not supplement the food, it would be called otherwise. Names imply that they are optional.


Lion's mane for better training

Can't focus on workouts? Lion's mane is the supplement you need! Find out the benefits of supplementing with the lion's mane and how it can help you workout!


4 mistakes in strength training

Is your weight training program on the right track? Be careful not to make one of these 4 very common mistakes! No matter how much you know about strength and power training, or if you're a beginner, you have a great chance of making at least one of these four mistakes. Avoiding them leads to further progress. Let's see what these mistakes are and how they can be corrected.


Steroid Articles

Anabolic steroids are trendy. And many wonder if their side effects are so serious, or if there are steroids that have less side effects. Find out the answer here.

Suppose someone 25 years old and 5-7 years of training in the back is determined to take anabolic steroids. Wonders which steroid has the fewest side effects?

the answer to this question depends on what you understand by side effects. As you should already know, if you think of using such substances, there are side effects in several areas. Generally, only a few things concern most: hair loss, gynecomastia and water retention, liver toxicity and potency.

Hair loss
It is one of the biggest concerns of men using anabolic steroids. Most want to take steroids to look better. This is not usually a headache in exchange for muscles. Here the answer is quite simple: unfortunately, if you are genetically predisposed to calvitie, ALL anabolic steroids can baldness. Hair loss is mediated by the same receptors that control muscle growth.

Some steroids are more gentle in this regard than others: nandrolone, oxandrolone and methenolone are the first to come to mind. But neither are they benign about hair loss. And they can speed up the process of calvitie if you are genetically predisposed.

The good news is that if you are not genetically predisposed to hair loss, no steroid will be bald (or unlikely to do). Knowing what kind of genes you have in terms of hair is more complicated, and that is not the purpose of this article. But the older you age you should have realized so far if your hair falls easily or not.

Gynecomastia is another aesthetic side effect, one that scares many. Many men do not suck the idea of raising their breasts (who would have thought!). And those who want this, find more efficient methods. This side effect is related to the estrogenicity of the steroid used, namely its flavoring capacity (estrogen transformation - the female hormone). The forms of testosterone, Anapolon and Danabol are the most prone to this.

Other steroids can not convert or act like estrogen: Anavar, Primobolan, Winstrol, Masteron, etc.
Others may have estrogenic effects, but rarely and not so aggressive: nandrolone and Equipoise. And then there are a lot of anti-estrogens and flavor inhibitors that solve the problem of gynecomastia very easily. Regarding this side effect, it's all about the used steroids and why you take them with them.

Hepatotoxicity is a bold word for something that is toxic to the liver. We've all heard of rare but serious cases when steroid abuse has resulted in serious liver complications. This side effect is largely related to oral anabolic steroids. They were modified to resist the first metabolism through the liver. The worst in this regard are the Anapolon, Winstrol, Danabol and Anavar (although this to a lesser extent). Some oral steroids are not toxic to the liver, such as Undestor and Primobolan. But they are also very weak anabolic and rarely used.

Injectable steroids such as testosterone, nandrolone, boldenone and metenolone are quite potent and have no toxicity to the liver. There are also toxic liver injections such as Winstrol, Danabol injectable and trenbolone.

Impairment of the cardiovascular system
Anabolic steroids can negatively affect your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and some other cardiovascular risk factors. It is a risk that comes with steroid abuse, but some are worse in this regard than others. Testosterone is the least harmful in this regard, being balanced between androgen and estrogen effects. Especially estrogen is important for HDL (good cholesterol). The main negative effect of anabolic steroids on cholesterol is that it lowers the good HDL, increasing the harmful LDL. And here the most problematic are oral steroids. All steroids with high hepatotoxic risk will affect cholesterol quite badly.

Sexual potential
There are steroids that if used incorrectly can affect potency during their use: they include deca-durabolin, anavar and trenbolon. But the problem is easily resolved by adding testosterone to the cycle, at least at doses of 100-200 mg per week.

The only time erectile problems can occur without too much to prevent this is after the end of the steroid cycle. The body needs time to resume its own testosterone production, and during this time you can have less libido and erection problems. If you leave things so the body returns to normal in 1-4 months. But if you do a good post-cycle therapy, you can reduce your time to one month or less; and if the steroid cycle was not too strong, a post-cycle therapy can completely relieve you of such problems. A role also plays the gene, some returning faster after steroid belts than others.

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