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DO NOT take supplements, the food gives you everything you need! Maybe you heard yourself being told that! And it seems logical! If the supplements did not supplement the food, it would be called otherwise. Names imply that they are optional.


Lion's mane for better training

Can't focus on workouts? Lion's mane is the supplement you need! Find out the benefits of supplementing with the lion's mane and how it can help you workout!


4 mistakes in strength training

Is your weight training program on the right track? Be careful not to make one of these 4 very common mistakes! No matter how much you know about strength and power training, or if you're a beginner, you have a great chance of making at least one of these four mistakes. Avoiding them leads to further progress. Let's see what these mistakes are and how they can be corrected.


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How you sleep affects how you eat. Here's what science says.

Nutritionists always have the same debate: weight loss is limited to calories burned for calories burned, or there are other aspects with longer-term effects such as food quality, macronutrient choices, eating behavior, and ultimately the ratio of each muscle mass Fat meal?

There have been enough studies on the subject that show that although groups of people have the same caloric intake, those who eat more calories from protein weaken more. Also, those who eat early in the morning tend to be more supple and stay so long. And of course, those who consume certain nutrients before, during and after workouts perform better than others, although they consume the same amount of calories.

Obviously it's more than calories burned for calories eaten. New research has analyzed another puzzle piece: Sleep habits.

Those who sleep and those who lose their nights

Are you one of those people who wake up early and fall asleep earlier than others? Or stay awake until late at night and sleep more the next day or do you fight the alarm when it sounds in the morning? Such habits affect what nutritional choices you make

The study:

In a Finnish study, 1,854 randomized participants were monitored for sleep and diet. The researchers wanted to see how the circadian rhythm (chronicle) affects what you eat and when you eat. The subjects kept food diaries and had to photograph every meal.


Matinalians, those who get up early and go to bed early, have made better nutritional choices than those who are late. Matinalians have made healthier choices throughout the day. In the morning, those who slept late had eaten more sugars and fewer proteins and in the evening (after 20 o'clock) ate fewer protein and more fatty foods. They also had a higher incidence of insomnia.

Even though both groups have grown on average the same number of calories, postponing energy intake and macronutrients and creating bad food patterns puts those who are late in the high risk of obesity and metabolic disorders.

It has also been found that nutrition timing (when you eat certain nutrients, not just what you eat) can have a great impact on metabolic health.

Self-check and breakfast

A theory, supported by other studies, is that self-control erodes towards the evening, so the more you stay awake, the more likely you are to make worse nutritional choices. Another aspect is that if you eat a protein-rich breakfast, you make better nutrition choices all day. Those who are late do not usually take breakfast or wake up too late to make one, and are more likely to eat fast grain or drink some fruit juice.
What to do

The way you sleep on your inner clock, some of us being programmed by the nature to sleep late or early. However, most people fall in the middle, influencing their behavior. Lifestyle influences you with certainty, and it has been noticed that lonely, sedentary young people are more likely to fall late. Those involved in a serious relationship with a demanding and sporting job tend to be matinali. If you can not help sleep late, be careful that at night you eat foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates and unhealthy fats.

Some sleep supplements such as ZMA or melatonin can also help.

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