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You don't need cardio to lose weight

You don't need cardio equipment to lose weight. This method uses weight and blood flow manipulation to burn fat. Here's what this is about!


Repeat with 100 hexagon bar

Hexagonal Straight Straps are a perfect hybrid exercise, combining the benefits of genuflexions with those of straightails. Use this method that lasts 10 weeks to increase your overall muscle mass.


Black chocolate can increase physical performance

Black chocolate is already recognized for the benefits it has on the cardiovascular system, and now a new study has shown that black chocolate can also increase sports performance at fitness enthusiasts.


Exedrol blister

Exedrol blister
Active substance: Exemestane
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Unit: 20 tabs (25 mg/tab)
33.00 USD

Bulk price:

Quantity: 3+
Rate: 32.00 USD


Exemestane, from which developed the drug - the substance of the new generation, designed to block the enzymes responsible for flavoring. It inhibits at least 85% of estrogen in the human body, and this process is irreversible.
Like other pharmacological agents producer Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the quality of the drug can be easily checked. 

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